If you play locally at a brick and mortar casino you’ve likely joining the loyalty program. Land-based casinos offer VIP programs, but rather than reward cash, most rewards are perks such as free accommodation or dining.

Online casinos are unable to offer the same perks, but they still have loyalty programs. A lot of the VIP programs online offer poor rewards, but there’s no reason not to utilize the programs because they still add to our bankrolls.

Most loyalty programs will reward you with VIP points every time you play for real money. Players can use these points to exchange for cash. An example would be exchanging 100 loyalty points for $1, although the value varies by casino.

There are some online casinos that have spent more time offering a customized loyalty program with special perks and rewards other than cash. In some cases players can exchange VIP points for real rewards, such as vacations.

Types of VIP Programs

The majority of online casino loyalty programs offer automatic membership. Simply put, once you join and deposit at an online casino, you’ll instantly become a member of the VIP program and start earning loyalty points as you play.

These programs typically offer the most basic rewards (IE: Exchange points for cash). In many cases the value of the points aren’t great either, but something is better than nothing, especially since you don’t need to do anything.

Some VIP programs require you to meet a certain playing requirement before being accepted into the program. These programs will often offer better rewards, but you have to be active and play quite a bit to become eligible for rewards.

The last type of VIP program requires players to be invited. These are exclusive program for high-rollers and there’s a chance to earn incredible rewards. However, you need to be an active high-roller to receive an invite.
You can earn thousands from some of the best online casino loyalty programs, but in order to do so you’ll need to be a big gambler. High rollers are a rare breed online and casinos do their best to keep high rollers happy and playing.


If you’re a casual player you’ll likely only receive cash every time you exchange loyalty points. However, there are other rewards, such as bonuses, promotions, electronics, vacations, free plays and much more available.

Some online casinos offer bonuses and promotions specifically for VIP players. You can learn more about recent online casino bonuses and promotions by visiting CasinoTestReports.com on your computer, laptop or mobile device.

If you don’t play too often your best bet is to join a loyalty program that’s connected across a network of casinos. The reason is because you want to be able to claim bonuses/promotions at multiple online casinos.

However, if you stretch yourself too thin you’re never going to earn many loyalty points with a single program and you won’t be able to reach the better rewards. This is why a connected VIP program would be the most beneficial.

Make sure you read over the loyalty program guidelines too. Some programs will increase the rewards if you exchange a large amount of VIP points, which makes it worthwhile to save them up and get better value.

It costs nothing to participate in loyalty programs, so there’s no reason not to. Almost every online casino offers some sort of VIP rewards, but there can be a big difference from casino to casino, so researching the programs is ideal.

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