anderson silva presser

Anderson Silva, yep THAT Anderson Silva wants to fight McGregor. Get in line. Here’s what he told GLOBO:

Now that I’m old, I’m beginning to challenge everyone. Oh, I want to beat this dwarf … what’s the boy’s name again? McGregor. It is not provocation. It’s just that I forget, I’m old. Old men know what it’s like. I have this urge to test myself against him. I think he’s a guy who has an unusual ability. I do not know if he would reach a weight of 81, 82 kg, which is the weight I can get to, but it’s a guy I’d like to test myself before I end my career.

The only reason we think he would call out Conor is a cash grab. There is no way he truly feels the need to test himself against a much smaller opponent. Silva was a middleweight and Conor was fighting at featherweight before moving to lightweight as its division champion. The Nick Diaz fight was a novelty, but this is just crazy.

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