Cody Stamann: ‘I’m Ready To Run The UFC’s Bantamweight Division’

cody stamann

Hot on the heels of an impressive, three-win 2016, top bantamweight prospect Cody Stamann (12-1, five straight wins) caught up with Pro MMA Now.

If you had to sum up 2016, personally and professionally, with just one word, what would that word be?


Three wins in one year. Is that ideal, or would you have liked to be even more active?

I would’ve liked to be more active, but the right opportunities came up. There was also a period where I had some minor injuries, so three fights was really all I could fit in last year. 2017, I’d like to fight five times. Iwant to stay active and start knocking people out.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

No, I didn’t. My resolution every year, I guess by default, is to make every year better than the year before. But I don’t really plan on doing any special diet or changing my life radically. My goal is just to be better than last year.

Ideally, when would you like to return to action?

I’m looking at late February or early March. I’m discussing a few opportunities with my agent, Jason House of Iridium Sports Agency, and we’re going to decide what’s best for us in 2017, and moving forward.

If Dana White is reading this, what would you like to tell him?

I’m 12-1, I can knock people out, I can submit them, I can pick them up and drop them on their head, and I’m marketable. I can do everything the UFC wants out of their fighters. I’m ready to run through the UFC’s bantamweight division.

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