Chael P Sonnen
Chael P Sonnen

In 2014 Chael Sonnen broke our hearts by announcing his retirement. Luckily the legendary trash talker is back against big mouth Tito Ortiz this month in Bellator. Thank you Scott Coker.

Instead of focusing solely on Tito, Sonnen has often put Rousey and UFC lightweight champ Conor McGregor on blast. Conor has shattered viewer and PPV buy records and that apparently doesn’t allow Chael to sleep well at night. Here’s what he told

I got legitimately angry sitting back as a fan and watching all these pretend tough guys come up with all these reasons why they’re not going to go out there and fight. … It’s an ass-whipping contest, you either want to do it or you don’t.

I had every record there was when I left, all of them. If I had not left I’d still have them but the truth is, I lost ’em all. I had the North American gate, I lost it to Conor. I had the FS1, I lost it to Conor. I had the big FOX, I lost it to Conor. I had the pay-per-view, I lost it to Conor. He never would’ve had any of these if I stuck around.

If Sonnen loses to Ortiz he would probably lose all credibility with fans and interest in watching him compete would drop dramatically. He very well could retire again. Please win Chael. We want to see you fight Wanderlei Silva :)

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