Five Questions With Heavyweight Prospect Dustin Joynson

Dustin Joynson mma (1)

Before Canadian heavyweight prospect Dustin Joynson tries to improve to 2-0 when he takes on Christian Catala at Hard Knocks 53 on January 27 in Calgary, Alta., Canada, the ZUMA contender caught up with Pro MMA Now.

How were you introduced to MMA to begin with?

I used to work at a bar that would show UFC pay-per-view events, which is how I started watching it. Growing up, I did kung fu. When I was around 20, when I first started watching MMA, I left my kung fu gym for ZUMA, where Adam Zugec teaches.

What were your goals back then?

I wanted to get a good ground game, I guess, but ultimately I wanted to fight. Early on I told Adam that I wanted to fight. He told me to train a few solid years and we would go from there (laughs).

A few solid years later, how good are you right now?

I feel like I’m pretty good right now. I’m pretty well-rounded and I’m definitely above average for where I am in the game.

When you have so many fights fall through so close to the bouts, is it difficult to get excited?

A little bit. I feel like I’m kind of getting used to it. My excitement isn’t too high, to be totally honest. People ask if I’m excited, and I tell them I am a little bit (laughs), but they should ask me closer to the actual event.

If everything goes perfectly, what would you like to accomplish in the next 12 months?

I would like to get my record up to 4-0, 5-0, if everything goes properly. I’d like to have three or four fights a year and just keep climbing the ladder.

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