Five Questions With Top Prospect Peter Grajcar


Before undefeated welterweight Peter Grajcar tries to improve to 4-0 against Leo Xavier for Hard Knocks Fighting on Friday night, the unbeaten TriStar MMA prospect spoke with Pro MMA Now.

How did you find MMA to begin with?

I just wanted a different way to stay in shape than just lifting weights. I was in all the sports throughout my life, mostly soccer and basketball. When I was 18, I wanted a full-body cardio exercise. Kickboxing had that, and that transitioned into fighting. I found a gym, started training. Then I had my first fight, and I knew right away that this is what I wanted to do.

When you began training, what were your goals?

At first, it was just for fun and just to stay in shape, you know? But I was accumulating all this knowledge and skill, so I wanted to see what I could do in the cage. That was pretty much it; just to see how I’d do.

Why have you been so successful?

I have no (expletive) clue, man! (Laughs) No, I’m just kidding. It takes discipline, and I’ve finally found a sport that matches me.

How much of an impact has training at TriStar had on your career?

It’s had a tremendous impact. Training with elite athletes and coaches, like at TriStar, projects my game through the roof. Nothing compares to the level of training partners and coaches at TriStar, and it feels like family. It is a family.

What are your expectations for your fight?

Go out there and have fun. That’s really all there is to it (laughs).

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