Former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones has been out of the spotlight since he was forced out of his scheduled bout against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 due to testing positive for a banned substance. Now Jones opens up to Joe Rogan and is quite transparent about all the controversy, including the hit-and-run accident, his lackluster performance against Ovince Saint Preux in April, being stripped of the belt, his party lifestyle, his failed drug test for an estrogen-blocker apparently from a male enhancement supplement, and much more.


-Jones reveals he used to get blackout hammered one week before every fight for his whole career until he fought OSP earlier this year.

-Jones used weightlifting as his new passion to give him something positive to focus on. This is a great tool for those in recovery or trying to kick addiction. Not just weightlifting, but building something or learning something new — especially using the body, something physical.

-Powerlifting, wrestling and jiu-jitsu is what Jones has been focusing on lately. Jones hasn’t been training any striking as of late and is loving BJJ. He says his goal is to take as little punishment as possible in the future, specifically not get hit in the head and wants to limit the sparring.

-Jones says he’s been clean and sober for over a year and will drink a Red Bull or water when he goes out now. He says he’s having “the best time”. Fitness is his “drug” and also enjoys mountain biking.

-Jones does reveal he feels he will drink again and feels he could do it responsibly.

-Jones explains how he failed the USADA test that got him removed from UFC 200. He talks about the negative impact it has had on him.

-It’s a tough gig to grow up in the public eye like Jones. But it comes with the territory when you may just be the best MMA fighter that ever lived.

-Jones talks about his current relationship with the UFC and his thoughts on the new owners. He’s had interactions with Ari Emanuel before.

-Jones gives his take on the current light heavyweight division picture.

-Jones’s publicist tells him he’s talking too much during the broadcast and wants to cut the interview short.

-Jones wants to fight for the heavyweight title but only against the right opponent. He said he would weight about 230 pounds when he fights at heavyweight.

-Jones talks about his decision not to spar recently and his intentions to protect his brain from trauma.

-Jones discussed his experience with meditation and visualization. Joe gives a good explanation on why it’s important.

-Jones talks about his upcoming grappling match with Dan Henderson at Submission Underground 2 (Chael Sonnen’s promotion) with EBI rules. The event airs on FloCombat on Sunday, Dec. 11.

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