michael bisping ufc 159

Michael Bisping’s comments are becoming Chael Sonnen level in terms of epic trash talk abilities. Before and after each fight he ramps up the bravado and has been able to reinvigorate his career with it because he can back it up. He recently beat Dan Henderson and got his revenge for the UFC 100 KO loss the Brit was on the receiving end of.

Despite Henderson’s retirement, Dan has been vocal that a lot of money and a chance at Bisping could bring him out of retirement. So, here’s what Bisping told Champions.co:

He landed two good shots, and God bless him for wanting to stay relevant a little longer, but you know what he can do? He can wait seven fucking years, just like I had to. For the longest time, he said it didn’t interest him because I had nothing for him. Now, it doesn’t interest me, because I just whooped your ass. But, if you really want that rematch, we can do it in seven years, if you’re still alive.

Ow, harsh.

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