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Nick Diaz

Michael Bisping is being called out by everyone after winning and then defending his middleweight title. One of the names that has surfaced multiple times is the King of Stockton Nick “Don’t be scared homie” Diaz. Bisping spoke on SiriusXM and this quote comes courtesy of

I’ll fight anybody as long as it makes sense business-wise. I’m not gonna risk my reputation and my title against some chump, but if there’s a lot of money on the line, then I’ll do it. And if Nick Diaz wants to go at UFC 206, formally, officially, I invite you to sign the bout agreement. Let’s do it. And then after that, whoever wins more impressively of the top four middleweights- Rockhold, Weidman, Yoel, and Souza, I’ll fight after this. That will happen. 100%.

This would be the second time he fought someone not considered a deserving contender and that is sure to make the division mad if it happens. We don’t care, we want this fight to happen…now.

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