3 reasons Stephanie McMahon is single handedly killing WWE TV

Stephanie McMahon WWE

WWE is bland, predictable, and unwilling to engage the wishes of the fans unless they feel like they can sell merchandise. Why is it that? Vince McMahon turned over the reins of the biggest, most successful wrestling promotion ever to his daughter.

The main problem

Heels, or bad guys for the uninformed are supposed to get their comeuppance and the baby faces. or good guys are supposed to look strong. That doesn’t happen with Stephanie McMahon and when she comes close to getting her just desserts – she squashes it and comes out on top. It is obvious that the creative team is trying desperately to book, or plan the story lines like a regular TV show. Arrow is a good example and probably a model. Think of Steph as Damien Dark from the show. He’s Arrow’s antagonist until the season’s finale, but even he got  occasionally bested during the season. Stephanie does not give us that and instead we get her constantly going over, or looking strong at the expense of the talent, or performers. It’s a chore to see her be a mark, or someone who believes their character is real and self-worth comes before what’s best for business. That is why anyone who has done anything with her takes a back seat to her own ego.

That voice

The voice of an elderly first grade teacher having sex with a blender standing next to a sheep in a hailstorm emanates from her weekly. She has zero charisma unlike her brother Shane who could have saved RAW, but she lobbied and won the right to push him out of taking it in a positive direction. We received the most boring era of wrestling since HHH’s reign of terror mid 2000’s and the Cena runs that saw him squash every young up and comer he touched. Cena did what Stephanie has done and that’s kill momentum for potential superstars. The worst part is that she doesn’t even do it with personality. Go Youtube search her for 2016 and prepare to leap off a bridge. She’s boring, egotistical, and unapologetic about her need to look stronger than any talent, anywhere.

Her desire to be her father

Ever since WWE had Vince McMahon as its brilliant, creative, number one heel of all time we have gotten the evil authority figures that have gotten stale. Now we have another McMahon trying to do the same and it sucks. Vince got doused with beer, took Stone Cold stunners, and peed his pants. Steph wins arguments, every situation that she has a cross word with a wrestler she comes out on top. No matter what she must be Vince without the losses and moments of failure. It is exceptionally boring and unforgivably self-serving. I can’t imagine she continues this run of epic TV fail in to 2017 without ratings continuing to fall. Vince was one of a kind. Stephanie is too, but she is of the wrong sort of kind we need.

Summing up

We will never get a proper villain until she is willing to stop worrying whether or not her antics will affect her ability to be an executive. There is a corporate setup backstage that she can’t separate herself from and we are doomed to this until she gives it up. When WWE was wrestling and not entertainment it was gritty and real. Now, WWE is a bubble gum, shiny package of marketing and merchandise sales.

Thanks Stephanie.

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