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Clarksville, Tenn. native Nate “The Train” Landwehr (7-2) will look to entertain his hometown fans once more when he faces top South Carolina featherweight Solon Staley (11-3) on Saturday, Nov. 5, at Austin Peay State University’s Foy Recreation Center.

The two 145-pounders will headline A&A Fight Time Promotions’ “A November to Remember” fight card, which will also feature several other pro and amateur mixed martial arts bouts showcasing some of the area’s top talent and future stars of the sport.

Five of Landwehr’s seven wins have come by way of knockout, most recently stopping UFC vet Diego Saraiva in the first round in March. Pro MMA Now caught up with Nate “The Train” to get his thoughts on his upcoming opponent, how training is going and what lies ahead.

PRO MMA NOW: Nate The motherf***ing Train ready to bring the pain back to Middle Tennessee. What’s good with ya?

NATE THE TRAIN: Just going around being a bad motherf***er grindin’.

PRO MMA NOW: You got a serious opponent coming up on Nov. 5th with Solon Staley, the #1 ranked featherweight out of South Carolina right now. What’s your take on him?

NATE THE TRAIN: He’s here because I want him to be here. I want tough fights, that’s what I love.

PRO MMA NOW: How seriously are you taking this fight?

NATE THE TRAIN: At the pro level I’m at anybody I am fighting is going to be the best guy on the card besides me. I know that if I don’t bring my A-game I’m gonna get my ass whooped in front of my city and that shit isn’t going to happen.

PRO MMA NOW: Who’s some of the guys helping you get ready for this one?

NATE THE TRAIN: I got the whole city behind me. Got my team at SSF, coach Mike Merriman and my coach Angel Natal at The Stable. I got Dr. Scott Dunaway for movement and Brian Goff for my nutrition.

PRO MMA NOW: Looks like your diet is on point. Can you tell us how it has been working with a nutritionist.

NATE THE TRAIN: I’m about as big as it gets in my division so cutting this weight and staying healthy is a big deal. So having someone I trust and who knows what they’re talking about to get me there is priority.

PRO MMA NOW: How frustrating has it been trying to get (and keep) fights and how do you stay positive during those times?

NATE THE TRAIN: As good as I am I know I should be wealthy, it sucks I see these cats getting this big money and I’m sitting on the sidelines, but I stay fighting because I’m passionate and this is my life.

PRO MMA NOW: If you get past Solon, can The Train be denied his rightful spot on one of the big shows any longer?

NATE THE TRAIN: There ain’t no if, but who knows what the future holds in this fight game.

PRO MMA NOW: I know your wife Robyn helps you out a ton with your career, and she’s always making sure you enjoy yourself too with vacations to Ireland and South Korea, places like that. Can you talk a little about the great support she has been for you.

NATE THE TRAIN: It’s easy for me to sacrifice my life to this training, but with her she deserves to go on vacations so we travel the world and make memories. I’ve done a bunch of cool shit but she’s always my constant.

PRO MMA NOW: Thanks brother! I’m looking forward to being ringside for what is sure to be an exciting night for Middle Tennessee fight fans. Any final words?

NATE THE TRAIN: I can’t wait to be in my true form. Big thanks to all my sponsors: Chirostrength, Martin’s Quality Painting, Anytime Fitness of Tiny Town Rd., All American Cleaning and Restoration, Ortex Pest Control, Damage Control Mouthguards, Brian Goff, Bearcatt Productions, Jim Heisinger Trees, and always my Team SSF and The Stable.

Follow Nate “The Train” on Twitter at @NateTheTrain.

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