Five Questions With Top Canadian Prospect Alexi Argyriou


Before top Canadian lightweight prospect Alexi Argyriou tries to improve to 5-0 as a professional against Adam Smith at Hard Knocks 51 in Calgary this coming weekend, he sat down with Pro MMA Now.

Are you Canada’s best lightweight prospect?

100-per-cent. I’m undefeated as an amateur and as a professional, I’m young and, from a technical standpoint, I’m No. 1 as well.

Does having that title attached to you add any pressure to your career, or is it business as usual?

I think it’s great. It’s added pressure, but I think it’s a healthy pressure. It’s important to have healthy pressure like that. I really want to put on those technically great performances to prove that I’m worthy of that label.

How is it going to feel to be 5-0?

It’s going to feel great. I’m really appreciative of all my victories. It’s going to help build that confidence and prove to the MMA community that I’m someone to watch.

Do you anticipate a UFC call-up when you improve to 5-0?

I anticipate that will happen at either 5-0 or 6-0. After this win, and then another big win, I should get my opportunity. I think six will be my lucky number.

You’ve been training for a long time. But everything seems to be happening very fast for you as a fighter. Is there any part of you that feels rushed?

I think 24 is a great age to get a shot in the UFC. I’ve trained with high-level guys from all over and I hold my own very well against them, and I’m excited to hopefully get that opportunity in the UFC.

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