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Dear Lord in heaven we may finally get to see Chael Sonnen in a cage again. His recent signing with Bellator was completely unexpected given the fact that a Chael Sonnen fight means big money for the UFC typically. He has a lot of potential opponents in Rampage, Tito, and Rory MacDonald, but there’s the best case scenario still out there. A guy who has massive heat with Sonnen and a grudge to settle. Enter Wanderlei Silva.

This is the biggest money fight Bellator can make right now and yes we know Tito is big, too. The back and forth over the years between Chael and Wanderlei is legendary. It started when he disrespected almost all of Brazil and claimed Silva’s fights were fixed. Now this match could happen and it would be gangbusters.

Here’s how we would build this fight because hell – we can do it better.

The call out

Chael should start on Twitter by tweeting something basic.

The bad guy is calling out the biggest piece of walking human garbage on the planet. I’m looking at you Wanderlei. #Bellator #AmericanGangsta #HomeInvasion

If you don’t get the home invasion hashtag look it up.

Yeah it’s simple, probably predictable, but it will spark this type of tweet from Silva.

I murder you. Im legend. You are scared of all Brazilians. I want to f*** you, er fight you. You will die.

Look up his in Octagon call out of Chuck Liddell for the f-bomb reference.

The war will go on with Chael controlling the tempo until he comes out on the next Inside MMA and cuts a promo on Silva like this:

You are an immigrant from Brazil stepping in to an American cage, which I own by the way. I am a gangster, you are a guy who runs from USADA so I can only imagine what will happen when you see me coming. What chance do you think you have when the bad guy steps in to the cage, takes you down, and proceeds to rattle your dinosaur sized brain in to rice pudding.

Something like that.

Wanderlei will take to Twitter to lose his mind, post an hour long video threatening murder, and talk about Chael being scared of him. This will go on for weeks until the next Bellator event where Sonnen will step in to the cage and take the mic.

Wanderlei Silva. You wouldn’t fight me in the UFC and I’m guaranteeing you won’t fight me here. If you’ve got the guts to step up to the plate and face the bad guy, I will smash you for 4 1/2 rounds before I decide to put you out of your misery.

At this point, the bald headed axe murderer will burst in to the cage and proceed to mean mug and reach for Sonnen with Sonnen probably laughing and then shooting for the take down. They get separated and the hype begins again on social media.

After weeks of social media combat with Sonnen winning the war of words the televised build up begins.

Sonnen takes his brand of verbal insanity to guys like Ariel Helwani, Inside MMA, and every other large MMA outlet on the planet….including Brazilian media. After he hits sites like Combate it will officially be a media firestorm with each fighter turning up the heat.

At the press conference sparks fly and carry over in to the weigh-ins where they will definitely have to be separated again. By the time the fight rolls around all eyes will be on this bout.

Obviously, we left out the Bellator media packages and official press here. Those combined with this formula would sell record Bellator event tickets.

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