The walking dead

First off, I know this is off topic, but the speculation of who died at the hands of Negan has apparently been solved. According to this website they claim to have the inside scoop on the entire first episode of Season 7’s return from their cliffhanger that left us all wondering – who the hell did Negan kill with Lucille.

At the end of the mid-season finale Negan beat someone to death and in the comics it was Glenn as everyone who is a fan knows. TWD has made a point about not following the comics exactly and throwing us curve balls left and right. Sometimes they mix fan favorites together to form a new character and sometimes they stay true.

One of the most disappointing season finales was Shane’s demise at the end of season 2. In the comics he died in front of everyone and they clearly saw how crazy he was. Rick had no choice and killed him, they buried him, and only later they found out that everyone comes back. Rick drives all the way back to the burial site, digs him up, and shoots now zombie Shane in the head. It was a strangely touching moment and a missed opportunity on the show. Instead we got a standoff in the middle of nowhere, Rick stabs a crazed Shane, and Carl shoots him when he comes back. Much less of an impact there.

Anyways – if you want to find out who bit the dust in the season finale click that link above. If you do not, don’t say we didn’t warn you! Click at your own risk because the revelations are there and we are hoping they are only rumors because we want to be surprised.

Maybe we shouldn’t have clicked that link, huh?

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