Are You New to UFC betting? Simple Strategy Tips to Get You on Your way!


Ultimate Fighting Championship is the largest Mixed Martial Arts Company in the world today. Relatively new in comparison to the others in the sporting scene, the rise of UFC hasn’t in any way or form depicted the fact that it only came into existence in 1993.  This piece takes a look at some UFC betting strategy tips.

UFC Gambling Strategy Advice

Understand the fighters

When placing a wager in UFC, you need to have proper knowledge of the fighters. Understanding their strength and weaknesses, specialties and injury history is vital. You may decide to flow with the popularity of a fighter and back him to win a contest but if you don’t know the opponent well enough, you are betting blindly. There are sites you can use to find out the full record of a UFC fighter and make more informed decisions on the betting. If you will rather bet for fun, you can play bingo and pay with PayPal on any of the bingo sites at Some of the bingo sites have UFC themed bingo games that only require peripheral knowledge of the UFC scene to claim winnings.

Find the best odds on the bout

There are several odds and comparison sites available for use. You need to take advantage of them to ensure that you are getting the best possible price on a bout.  Some of the bookmakers focus on bigger sports like NHL, NBA, Football, MLB and NFL more than UFC. This can lead to pricing errors in the early pricing for events. In other cases, you can find specific bookies offering better odds on the UFC more than other bigger sports. Either way, you are presented with an opportunity to cash in and get more value for money. The onus lies on you to adequately take advantage by finding these opportunities.  

Don’t always go with the crowd

Generally, the betting public goes for a favourite during sport events like the UFC. Currently, many people will side Conor McGregor in any bout. In such a case, a popular fighter usually gets all the bets forcing the bookmakers to bring down the odds on the favourite. This makes the odds on an underdog more attractive.  You can take advantage of this by doing your research on the underdog and backing him instead.  The odds are usually much longer.

The key to success with UFC betting is to never rely on gut instinct and popularity ratings.  Contrast in styles and overall history of the fighters are usually better metrics you can work with. Don’t forget to exercise caution as with gambling in all other sports. Always gamble responsibly!

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