Five Questions With CES MMA 38’s Carlos Candelario


Before Carlos “The Cannon” Candelario fights Brandon Warne at CES MMA 38 on AXS TV Fights on September 23 from Mashantucket, Conn., he caught up with

Is this going to be another quick stoppage?

If he makes any mistakes, I’m going to jump all over it, that’s for sure. If there are any openings, I’m going to finish this fight.

Simply enough, are you New England’s top prospect at 125 pounds?

I am. I know I am, and I know people will recognize me as that soon. But a lot of people don’t know about me yet, even though CES MMA has given me some great opportunities. I just haven’t gotten to test myself against the region’s best yet.

How inspired have you been by Matt’s recent success?

There are times when I need a little extra motivation. When I see him do something like that, it definitely gives me faith and hope that I could definitely become a champion with CES MMA too.

With your success and the success of Matt, is it difficult not to get ahead of yourself?

I always have motivation, but some days are harder than others, I’m not going to lie. But my motivation mostly comes from my own improvements — seeing myself improve every day.

How close are you to your own CES MMA title shot?

If I finish one or two more opponents the way I have been taking them out, I could see a big fight on the horizon. It’s hard sometimes, because I’m always looking ahead. I just need to take it day by day, enjoy the ride, and I know someday eventually I’ll be there.

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