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Rua vs. Henderson

Michael Bisping (UFC 100)

If you haven’t seen the KO Bisping received – what planet are you from. Even though Michael is one of my favorite fighters of all time I admit this was spectacular. After his corner shouted at him for circling in to Dan’s overhand right “H-bomb” for most of the fight it finally caught up with the Brit. Dan unleashed a punch that stiffened Bisping and then followed up with a flying elbow that pushed this knockout over the top and in to legendary.

Fedor Emelianenko (Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson)

It might have been considered a questionable stoppage by Fedor’s corner, but Hendo put “The Last Emperor” on queer street. Dan was in BIG trouble before managing to get to his feet and drop his opponent securing a KO victory. At the time no one really gave a smaller Henderson the chance, but he proved them wrong and beat who hardcore fans call the GOAT, or greatest of all time.


Wanderlei Silva(2007)

Dan got his revenge in a big way at Pride 33 by absolutely flattening Wanderlei Silva. He captured the Pride Middleweight Championship before entering the UFC and fighting for the UFC Light Heavyweight championship in a losing effort against Rampage Jackson. His KO of Silva will be remembered as one of his greatest highlight reel additions ever.


Vitor Belfort (Pride 32)

Before getting stopped by Belfort in 2015 it was Hendo that came out on top in their previous bout. He defeated Belfort at Pride 32 by unanimous decision and it was not what most thought would be the outcome. Still, Dan defeated a legend and cemented himself as one, too.

Michael Bisping (UFC 204)

Current UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping will get a shot at revenge against Dan Henderson this year at UFC 204. There are a lot of people who give Henderson a real shot thanks to his overhand right equalizer that put Michael out the first time. He claims this is his last fight even if he beats Bisping again and captures the title. We doubt it, you doubt it, and we think Dan knows he is going to stay if he finally captures UFC gold.

Honorary mention: Dan defeats Mauricio Shogun Rua (UFC 139)

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