Weidman channels Sonnen in Bisping rant

weidman ko silva

Chris Weidman was supposed to be the new Captain America of the UFC. He defeated Anderson Silva twice, Lyoto Machida, and crushed Vitor Belfort. When he beat Silva for the belt something changed in him and a cockiness started to emerge that we hadn’t seen before. Maybe it was a little bit of humble pie served by Luke Rockhold when he beat Chris and took his championship away. Nope.

Weidman was back to being vocal about his new rival Michael Bisping before and after the Brit knocked out Luke Rockhold to capture the belt via a title shot that eluded him for a solid decade. The after talk was pointed and seemed almost Chael Sonnen like.

Here’s what he told the MMA Hour

There’s a chance he’s beating Dan Henderson, but I don’t think there’s much of a chance he’s beating anyone else in the top five. There is a chance he will win and hold the belt. It’s surreal when people ask me who the champion is in my weight class and I have to say Michael Bisping. It’s a little embarrassing, but, it’s the way it goes. Honestly, all power to him, he went out there on short notice and knocked out Luke Rockhold in the first round. More power to him. I just don’t think he is the best champion we’ve seen. I just never thought he was championship material, to be honest with you. It was far-fetched for him to get a title shot, he was at the right place, right time when I got injured and he had the opportunity to step up and win the belt. He made it work, but, before that, he was in the UFC for how long and he never fought for the belt. So for him to fight for the belt and become champion, it’s definitely a weird thing to let soak in.


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