Hit or Miss? 3 terrible ways Brock Lesnar’s dual USADA failures impact WWE and UFC


Brock Lesnar won, and then lost all in the same few weeks. He beat Mark Hunt soundly, but then he allegedly tested positive for estrogen blockers just like Jon Jones did prior to being removed from his bout with Daniel Cormier. Estrogen blockers are often used to mask steroid use according to Chael P. Sonnen to prevent “b*tch tits”. So how does this affect the WWE and UFC going forward?

What do you do with him? If he’s suspended for both USADA drug test violations it is over for his UFC career. His WWE career might survive, but only if the fans don’t have a clue that he cheated, or that they are forgiving. Not to Lesnar, WWE fans love to hate you. His win over Hunt legitimized him and made his WWE return at SummerSlam huge. Now it’s the return of someone who most think wouldn’t beat Hunt if he hadn’t been cheating. And, if Lesnar doesn’t get punished by WWE for his publicized cheating they are setting a double standard, and suddenly Roman Reigns doesn’t seem so much of a bad guy for his failed test.

The UFC looks stupid. They gave an exemption to Lesnar because of his short notice return, and the fact that he hadn’t competed since 2011 meant it was fair due to an exception about “new” fighters…just go look it up. It’s too hard to explain. His USADA testing was different than Hunt’s and the former title contender wasn’t happy about Brock’s preferential treatment. He stated that it was obvious that Lesnar was cheating but he would beat him anyways in the weeks leading to the bout. Well, he was right about cheating, but so wrong about beating him. Now, the UFC looks really stupid for allowing this to happen and a popular fighter is in the loss column and rightfully pissed off

The UFC wasn’t criticized as much about removing Conor McGregor as soon as Lesnar was on the UFC 200 card. McGregor’s second bout with Diaz was scrapped because the Irishman refused to do press conferences before their bout. Hunt and Lesnar didn’t do any press according to Mark and he is wondering now why the UFC even bothered to pull Conor off the card at all. If he hadn’t been yanked, Hunt wouldn’t have suffered this loss to a potential cheater. It’s a mess and Hunt says it’s a double standard about press conferences because of it.

What a mess.

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  1. so hunt leaves the UFC because of PEDs and goes where…? to Rizin to fight in their Open weight event… becuz nobody will be taking PEDs in Japan.

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