QQ: DC opens up about seeing Jones talk to press

jon jones luncheon

On the MMA hour, Daniel Cormier opened up about seeing Jon Jones speaking with the press after it was announced he tested positive for a banned substance. We cannot believe this guy gets booed. Here’s what he said.

I’m in the sauna and we’re listening to it and he seemed very sad. I went back to my room before my final wight cut and I actually watched it and I could see that he was heartbroken. So, it was very sad man. I don’t like to see people hurt like that, and I could see that he was hurt. I try to do things for me — things that feel better for me and for my mental and me as a human being and spirit. So I just made sure he knew that his apology was accepted and that I do wish him the best in his journey.

What do you think? Does DC really care about Jones, or is he secretly relieved he didn’t have to face him?

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