3 wild WWE rumors circulating today


Well, here we are again. PMN is unabashedly, unashamedly a fan of the WWE product and we cover some of the news pertaining to it. Today we take a look at three of the wildest rumors going swirling inside WWE today.


This is one that shocked us! Vince McMahon may actually be down on golden boy, super hero Roman Reigns. Despite his wellness violation, Vinny Mac may have realized his mistake earlier. Fans have been screaming NO! Backstage has been screaming NO! Now, according to reports, Mr. McMahon may actually be listening to them all. Ratings have plummeted, wrestlers have been booked poorly all to make Reigns look like a monster.


AJ Styles, former TNA face, may be the man to carry the company. Styles has consistently carried wrestlers and made them look like masters of the ring. He is the best in ring talent currently residing on WWE’s roster. Vince is telling people he wishes he had AJ ten years ago and not this late in the game. We would argue that AJ is the best AJ we have ever seen in terms of character, charisma, and in ring generalship.



WWE is estimated at $3 billion. UFC sold for $4 billion. No official word on Vince’s willingness to sell the company, but we are guessing it’s a big fat NO. Still, there are some who claim it is a possibility and that Vince and his crew would maintain creative control if it occurred. We doubt it.

Hear any good ones? Let us know in the comments.

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