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Well, Steve is back. Our guy in the locker room of WWE and he’s cranky.

According to our source named “Steve”, after Roman Reigns failed a wellness check and received a thirty day suspension it is being viewed as an unfortunate inconvenience. The general consensus is that Vince and company see it is a “technicality” and there are no plans of any repercussions to the mega push of Reigns. Some say there is even absolute sympathy, apology for testing and identifying his failure like you would sympathize with someone who lost a family member. This is ridiculous if it is true.

Despite fan backlash, failing ratings, and a myriad of other Roman related problems – Vince refuses to give up. It is believed that the only reason Dean Ambrose is champion is the suspension, and the fact that they needed a good guy on TV with the belt going in to Battleground.

Take these as rumors, but Steve has been over 80% right if you go back and check his reports. The locker room is befuddled as to Roman’s preferential treatment as are many angry fans.

One thought on “Report: Reigns suspension seen as “technicality” by WWE”
  1. Well, Vince wants to drive Reigns into the ground and this is an excellent way to do that. This actually makes me sick to hear about really. Considering Adam Rose and Konner both got suspended too. Adam Rose then got fired and Konner is a glorified jobber while Reigns will come back and pick up right where he left off like nothing happened. I hope this actually falls into the other 20% but I doubt it. Even Randy didn’t get preferential treatment to this degree. They’ll likely give Reigns back the title or have him win the new one at Battleground, along with the once-again failing rating and falling viewership and house show attendance numbers. Keep Reigns on top and WWE will no longer have a company soon enough and all they can blame is themselves.

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