Hit or Miss? 2 big ways fans are killing WWE TV

roman reigns

WWE TV is struggling, but at least they made Dean Ambrose champion to give us what we want. Let me back up, they made Dean champ because Roman Reigns got busted and popped during a WWE wellness urinalysis. It’s a guarantee Reigns will A) be kept off TV until this blows over, or B) Vince will make him champion immediately upon return at their Battleground event. Reigns being champion was a combination of things as was Sheamus, John Cena, and many more we didn’t want. Here are three ways fans are creating a viscous environment for the already struggling creative team.

Stop clapping. The “AJ Styles…clap, clap, clap” chant is great, but it gives the minority a chance to fire back. The chant ends up sounding like this, “AJ STYLES….ro-man reigns…”. Therefore, WWE creative thinks that Reigns is getting a positive reaction and thus we get the Roman Empire…gross. The chants of old where fans were smart enough to chant with no pauses, “Rocky, Rocky, Rocky”, or “H-B-K, H-B-K” are gone. Those were the clear indicators of who WWE should give us in the spotlight. You know who destroyed WWE? John Cena. He is the reason for the call and return, “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” style chants and by allowing that to happen we are responsible for WWE’s crappy booking. We have not made it clear who it is we want as our guy by letting this occur.

Social media has been used mostly┬áby WWE fanboys. Twitter is WWE’s big selling point on social media. Remember the constant barrage on TV of hashtag plugging, Twitter peddling, and Youtube selling? They begged us to use them and not enough people who care are on there. The majority of people watching WWE TV are fed up and they need to express it on Twitter and not in the forums. WWE has labeled us “internet fans” and they use it as a derogatory term, trust me. Unless we take to the social media outlets they push on us – we are stuck with what they give us. Eat your Roman vegetables fans and maybe you can have some Dean dessert.

Unless we, the WWE Universe, demand a better product we will continue to get the Zack Snyder to the DC cinematic universe in WWE creative and we cannot have that.

What do you think fans are doing to kill WWE TV?

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