Former UFC and WWE heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar will make his octagon return at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt. Listen in as Brock explains his decision to come back and how the deal got made since he is still under contract with WWE. There were rumors Brock was in talks with the UFC in 2015 but instead chose to re-sign with the WWE where he could make full-time pay with part-time work. Lesnar also discusses his bout with diverticulitis and believes that was the real opponent that defeated him during his previous stint with the UFC. Lesnar states in the interview that he didn’t care who his opponent would be in his return and would fight whoever they lined up. “The Beast Incarnate” fought on the historic UFC 100 card and will now compete at UFC 200.

“I’m making a boatload of money!”

The knock on Lesnar during his first UFC stint was that he didn’t like to get hit and didn’t respond well to getting punched in the face. Turns out that’s exactly the game plan Mark Hunt will be trying to employ against the former NCAA Division I wrestling champ.

Lesnar will be competing at WWE’s SummerSlam in August.

Lesnar goes more in-depth about his return to the UFC in this sit-down with Paul Heyman.

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