UFC's Michael Bisping
Michael Bisping – photo by Jay Cee for ProMMAnow.com

I literally feel like I’m in the matrix right now. Michael Bisping is the UFC Middleweight Champion? How’d that happen? Two weeks ago Bisping was eating beans and franks by the pool still soaking in that Anderson Silva win from back in February. That’s what I’d be doing. Soaking up the sun in the cool Southern California afternoon. I imagine it’s cool anyway, cause if you defeat “The Spider” everywhere you go is cool.

I had literally just typed that Luke Rockhold looked like a ballerina in there and felt pride that he had probably gained a lot of that fluidity from skateboarding and surfing. And then Michael Bisping just knocks him out with an overhand left. I can’t even remember what led up to it now it happened so fast.

I know it’s the New Moon tonight though. Started at 11 p.m. And that means crazy shit can happen and will likely happen. Muhammad Ali just died for God’s sake. That bright shining light of a man who meant so much to so many, who means so much to so many, not just in the pugilistic arena but in society, in humanity, has passed on and we take a moment to remember his value to helping create change for the oppressed.

We watch a brutal sport. It may be the end times. Yet it brings out the best in a man to be tested. What bigger test is there than going head-to-head with another human in unarmed combat. It’s an even playing field and the smarter survive. Ali endured in the ring what his people were feeling on the front lines of 1960’s America. He became “The Greatest” because of his belief and his speaking what he wanted to become. His life was his teaching. He found a higher calling.

Did you see the camera angle on Rockhold after the fight? That looked weird like a glitch in the matrix. Seriously, look at it again. No one fucking looks as pretty as Luke Rockhold after a fight. Either UFC has become pro wrestling or we’re being fed a line of “you’ll believe anything” from some ex-ring girl in a Fertitta basement typing stories into a main frame. Oh and 45-year-old Dan Henderson KO’d Hector Lombard and Brock Lesnar‘s coming back at UFC 200.

I’m outta here.

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