Nate Andrews looks for ninth stoppage win at CES MMA 36

Nate Andrews kicks

Can’t-miss lightweight Nate “The Snake” Andrews caught up with before he puts his 8-1 record on the line at CES MMA 36 in Lincoln, R.I., on Friday.

What’s the origin of the nickname? Where does “The Snake” come from?

That comes from people saying that my reach is so long and the fact that I strike pretty fast. And most of my amateur wins came by chokes — they said I was like a snake on the ground.

Do you like it?

Oh yeah (laughs)!

Can you think of any more appropriate nicknames, or is it kind of hard to imagine yourself not being “The Snake”?

Honestly, I can’t even really picture me having another nickname. “The Snake” has stuck with me for a long time, which is crazy because it’s my favorite animal too (laughs).

What are your thoughts heading into your fight on Friday in Lincoln?

My thoughts are just going in there and handling business. I’m prepared, I’m in shape, I’m ready to go. I’m going to go out there, do what I do, and walk away with the win.

Does another stoppage put you in the UFC?

I would think so — I hope so (laughs). That’s obviously the ultimate goal. Improving my record is the most important thing, but getting the finish opens more eyes and gets me to the UFC faster. That’s what I’m after.