We all admire famous and successful athletes and entertainers such as UFC fighters, basketball players, baseball players, movie stars and other. Although, we have to admit that we can also be quite envious of them. They’ve got success, fame, recognition, people recognise them on the street and ask for their autographs. They make a lot more money than us. In fact, the only way some of us could ever earn as much as they do, would be to hit some of the million dollar progressive jackpots available at numerous online casinos. Alternatively, we can try betting on sports events in one of the popular sports that we follow. Speaking of sports and sporting events that we follow, the 4th of June 2016 will be an interesting day for UFC fans.

Rockhold vs. Bisping

UFC 199: Rockhold vs. Bisping 2 will be held in Inglewood, California at the Forum. This will be the first event held here, even though there were events that were held at the Staples Center. Initially it was supposed to be a rematch of UFC 194 between Luke Rockhold who is the current Middleweight Champion and Chris Weidman who is a former champion. But then, Weidman got injured on May 17. The first planned substitute was Ronaldo Souza, who is a former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion, but he too was injured. Finally, it was announced that Rockhold will be facing Ultimate Fighter 3 winner – Michael Bisping. The two met in 2014 and Rockhold won via submission.

Rockhold Bisping

Cruz vs. Faber and Green vs. Poirier

The official main fight card will feature 4 other fights, and there will be 8 other fights on the preliminary card. A fight that will certainly draw attention will be the one between current Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber. Faber is a former WEC Featherweight Champion. Their first meeting was on WEC 26, back in 2007 and then Faber managed to win. They met again in 2011 on UFC 132 and this time Cruz won by a unanimous decision. Booby Green and Dustin Poirier will meet in the Lightweight battle. These three fights will attract the highest number of viewers and bookmakers already offer odds for these events.

Rockhold Is an Obvious Favourite

For the main event, Rockhold is considered to be more than an obvious favorite. The odds for him winning the match are mere -1100 at most online sports betting operators, whereas the best odds that you could get are -833. Generally, you can expect odds around -1000. The odds for Bisping vary from +425, up to +721. That is quite a significant difference and if you think that Bisping stands a chance, we suggest you look for a site that offers odds in the range of +700. A lot more interesting may be to bet on whether there’ll be over 1.5 rounds or not, i.e. will there be at least 2 rounds. The best odds for over are -105, whereas the best odds for under are -108. The odds for the fight being a draw are an amazing +300. A bet that Rockhold will win inside distance will bring you only $17 on a $100 bet, whereas the odds for him not winning inside distance are +400.

Cruz Is Lot more Likely to Win

For the other two matches that we mentioned there are a lot more available markets, due to the nature of the fights in lighter categories. Cruz is the obvious favourite for the second match and the best odds for him winning are set at -505, but at some betting sites they go down to -700. The odds for Faber may range from +390 up to +530. The odds for Cruz to win either by TKO or KO are set at +340, whereas the same odds for Faber are +1300. The over/under limit here is 4.5 rounds and the odds for over are -214 at best, whereas the odds for under are set at +185.

cruz vs faber - ufc 132 weigh ins

More Evenly Matched Fight Expected

The fight between Green and Poirier is a bit more unpredictable as the odds for Green are +196, whereas the odds for his opponent are -200. So, Poirier is considered to have a slight advantage, but with such odds, nobody should write off Green’s chances. Here the limit is 2.5 rounds and the odds for over are -185, while the under odds are set at +160. The odds for Green to win by submission are set at +1950, and the same odds for Poirier are set at +640. You’ll get a +328 odds of you think that there won’t be a second round. The odds for Poirier winning in the third round are set at +1100.

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