Playing Online in Canada: What Are your Options?

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Canadians have very few restrictions on what they can and they can’t do online. But things get a bit tricky when it comes to real money gaming. The Canadian online casino market has a few anomalies that authorities have failed to put right at this time. But these allow players to access their favorite games at the All Slots Casino in Canada, or virtually anywhere else they might desire.

Legal Canadian operators

Online gambling is a state monopoly in Canada. The country’s provinces all have their respective lotteries – Quebec has Loto Quebec, Ontario has the OLG, and so on – and these are the only ones allowed to offer and promote real money gambling services in the country. Offshore operators, due to a lack of a licensing system, have no access to the market. No direct access, that is.

While the operators themselves can’t go to the Canadian players, the locals have no problem going to the offshore operators. There is no law, no regulation telling them to stop. And most Canadians prefer to play offshore, for a number of reasons I’ll show you below.

Why offshore operators are better

There are several major factors that make a good online casino: game variety, accessibility and bonuses. And offshore operators overtake local Canadian ones at each of the above. Let’s compare the above All Slots Casino with what Canada’s legal casinos have to offer.


Out of the three major Canadian casinos, PlayOLG is the only one that offers consistent bonuses to new players. All Slots casino welcomes its new players $30 in bonuses to start playing with, and up to $1,600 in deposit matches, applied to their first few deposits. One point for offshore operators.

Game variety

The game libraries at Canada’s legal operators is nice, but far from what the competition has. Each of them offer their players a collection of around 100 titles to play with. Compare this limited collection to the over 700 slots and table games the All Slots Casino has to offer. Another point for offshore operators, methinks.


Canada’s legal operators offer their services to the residents of their respective provinces only. Their games are available for browser play only, with no mobile version available (yet). The All Slots Casino, in turn, accepts players from all over the world, so residents of any Canadian province, or any country of the world, can play there. And they can choose whether to download and install the casino suite, play in a desktop browser or on mobile, as the casino is accessible on all these platforms, using the same credentials. So, when it comes to accessibility and usability, offshore operators win again.

Steps in the right direction

PlayOLG is the most recent of the Canadian legal online casinos, and it seems to have learned its lesson the best. It currently only offers browser games, but it is working on a mobile version, too. It plans to add poker and sports bets, and it offers its new players a set of consistent bonuses, not to mention periodical promotions with consistent prizes.