We got new Ronda Rousey training footage

The former UFC queen continues to train for her comeback. Ronda Rousey lost the UFC women’s bantamweight title to Holly Holm late last year and has been tightening up her game in anticipation of a comeback. Newly-crowned champ Miesha Tate has a date with Amanda Nunes first and Rousey will likely face the winner. Where’s Holm in all this? She¬†and Rousey are bound to meet again at some point. Are you seeing anything different from Rousey yet that would lead you to believe she could take Holm next time?

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  1. Where’s big mouth MC saying Ronda is fat???? Yeah she looks real fat in this video lol.
    Maybe he was referring to his mom……

  2. HH is a very skilled striker and Ronda has no evasive skills or footwork which is due to her judoka prowess. A Meisha tate type gameplan may work for Ronda

  3. She definitely can’t chase after Holly again. … On the other hand, do you think Miesha’s improved enough to get the win over Ronda next time? It’ll be interesting to see how she deals with Nunes. But I’m anticipating a Tate-Rousey rematch for the title.

  4. Tate for the win over nunes due to her toughness and experience. Nunes doesnt seem to have the cardio to go 25 minutes
    As for RR vs MT, the only person who will beat RR will be RR herself if she mentally has lost her edge. Granted MT is in a better head space now. MT doesnt have a great stand up game nor does Ronda so if it goes to the ground, I think Rondas’ ground game is too good. But the biggest question mark with RR is what did the loss to HH do to her confidence……..

  5. Since this has been 3 months since your comment. What have we learn in that time? Holly lost to Miesha using center Octagon control, shooting take downs to get Holly to the ground. Holly lost to Valentina and again, Valentina control center octagon and didn’t run after Holly. Valentina force Holly to come to her and she countered Holly repeatedly…also Valentina took Holly down with clinch technique but she also used shooting single legs for show. Holly didn’t know what to do against Valentina. All of this should have Ronda and her coaches smiling ear to ear whenever they fight again. The formula to defeat Holly is there. As for Nunes, she was lucky to get passed Valentina in that 3 round fight. If she fights Pena or Valentina in a 5 round fight…Nunes loses. Nunes has to take any great fighter in the first round or she will gas half way through the 2nd/3rd rounds. This has happen repeatedly in her loses. Personally, I think we all will find out that Nunes beating Tate was rather lucky for various reasons. It looks like we may have a Nunes vs Pena for the next titile shot. If I am right, Pena will win for the reasons I mention above. Time will tell!

  6. Well we do know that Nunes beat Tate but that was more to do with Tate not being prepared. To many interviews and major change in her diet. She was a dead body going into that fight with Nunes…just terrible planning. That great fight against Holly with all that hard work and planning to defeat Holly goes up in smoke to not be able to defend her title. Now, it appears Nunes will be fighting Pena…the sad thing about it is Pena will beat Nunes. The reasons are, Pena will push Nunes early and aggressively. Nunes has to get Pena out in the 1st round or she will lose. Pena is very durable and will work to get to clinch and push Nunes back to cage to work take downs (Pena ugly dirty fighting to make Nunes work very hard). Every round after the 1st round will wear Nunes down. Against Pena, Nunes will not make it pass the 3rd round. Pena will force Nunes to wrestle/grapple with her and that will be her down fall. I also think Ronda is taking her time and that is going to be the healing she needs. When she does come back, she will be ready and probably better then she was before. Better striking, adding wrestling take downs and smarter game plan.

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