Hit or Miss? 6 things WWE must do right now to save their product

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WWE is struggling right now to make the right moves. As much as they are portraying that they are on the mend they are failing to click with fans every week. The Network has subscribers because we want the real wrestling programs archived within. We want to see exciting TV during the Attitude Era. PG wrestling has zero to do with it except the PPV’s.

Commonly accepted is the opinion that WWE flat out refuses to listen to fans unless it’s absolutely imperative. See Daniel Bryan’s misuse, CM Punk’s misuse, Ziggler, Sandow, and dozens of others we were behind. Look out Ambrose, buddy…you’re next if you are a threat to Cena or Roman. Here are the six things WWE must do right now to fix sliding profits and TV ratings.

NO more tweeners

With the Cena era seeing WWE fall from favor you might have thought they learned a valuable lesson in booking wrestlers. Well you would think that – NOPE. They still do not listen to the fans. They listen to merchandising and the creative team and that makes for some frustrating TV. They think that pushing the fan favorites against their least favorites while the commentators shamelessly plug the ones we hate…awful. We want good guys. We want bad guys. How hard is that? Honestly.

STOP editing fan signs

First off, I am not going to post the best example because WWE is very diligent about punishing anyone who uses anything they own. Here’s the deal, there was a sign that said “When it reigns, it bores”. On WWE’s site? “When it Reigns”. They edited the sign, they edited the freaking sign. How stupid are you when you have to edit signs and refuse to acknowledge the disdain for Roman Reigns?

STOP muting our voices

At Wrestlemania 32, Kevin Dunn a hated WWE TV producer had the staff mute the deafening boos for Roman Reigns. Now, this next one is a rumor with less proof, but it is still being passed on by credible sources. They pipe in cheers for Reigns and boos for his opponents. How absolutely stupid are Vince McMahon and his equally idiotic tag along Dunn?

REMOVE Ruthless Aggression era wrestlers from main events

Guess who is coming back very soon? Randy Orton and John Cena. These two guys have been the main event for WWE for so long that another match between the two would force millions of TV’s to suddenly cry out in terror, and then be suddenly silenced. Why is this important? John Cena is responsible for the destruction of a whole mess of careers and Randy Orton in baby oil gear makes WWE creative hot. These two wrestlers being back means only one thing – time to get out their shovels. What do you think the odds are that the newer guys are taking spots and they are scheduled to come back? I wish they would let WWE heal from their destruction of the ratings, but alas it’s time for them to bury promising talent.

REMOVE HHH as a performer

With HHH as a member of the creative/talent team there is a big problem. You can’t have a guy who desires to be the main event also having a say in booking matches. No matter what he will refuse to lose unless it’s a guy like Roman who WWE wants force fed to fans. HHH doesn’t belong anywhere near a WWE ring or on WWE TV for that matter. He needs to oversee NXT and that’s it. Build the young talent there that he feels no need to bury to keep his spot. Once they hit WWE TV, if he’s still there, they are doomed.


REMOVE the three mannequins from the commentators booth

Prove this is the “New Era” WWE. Remove the voices of the failed eras before this one. Get rid of the worst commentator of all time in JBL. Remove Michael Cole who is as exciting as watching paint dry, and please force King to retire. Mauro Ranallo is what they should aspire to be: exciting, fresh, and enthusiastic. Cole is so corny that it’s eye rolling bad. As long as they sit there like a male version of the hen fest TV talk show known as The View, WWE will continue to slide.

Honorable mention: Let commentators actually commentate. WWE spends so much time on writing what the commentators say that they have little time for actually writing a good show.

Honorable Mention: Remove Stephanie McMahon from TV. There is a reason fans were excited about WWE when Shane McMahon came back. We finally had someone likable, fresh, and fun on screen. Stephanie’s voice is monotone at best, and she can kill a crowd even when she’s trying to be positive.


Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments, please.

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