Three things you can expect to see from Cris Cyborg at UFC 198

Cris Cyborg
Cris Cyborg

If you’ve never seen her fight and are unsure of what to expect from Cris Cyborg (15-1) this weekend, or you’ve heard how dominant she is and want to see for yourself, then UFC 198 is the perfect opportunity for you to find out.

Cyborg is considered to be one of, if not the best, female fighters on the planet. The Brazilian native is on a 15-fight winning streak and makes her UFC debut on home soil against Leslie Smith (8-6-1) this Saturday.

Many of you will have seen Cyborg in action, but some of you may not. For those of you who have, this is a reminder of what Cris brings to the table, and those who haven’t, you’ll get an idea of what attributes Cyborg is best known for.


It’s no secret that one of Cyborg’s main attributes is aggression. She’s known to be a fighter that pushes forward and pressurizes her adversaries. Cris is very good at imposing her will upon opponents and starting fights off at a furious pace. Her well-honed Muay Thai techniques enable her to deliver a barrage of powerful attacks with punishing accuracy.


Impressively, eight of Cyborg’s 15 victories have ended via TKO in the very first round. The 30-year-old skillfully uses quick strikes to overwhelm her opponents. Speed coupled with her devastating power, which I will talk in more detail about shortly, often gives her an early advantage in fights as she is able to do a lot of damage in a short period of time. And let’s not forget, Cris is expected to compete at 135 pounds in the UFC, although her fight against Smith will be at a catchweight of 140 pounds, which should grant her even more speed and agility.


People enjoy watching Cyborg because she finishes fights. Only two of her 15 fights have gone to a judges’ decision and this is due mainly to her immense power and strength. While watching Cris fight you commonly witness displays of power in her punching, knees and wrestling. She often throws her opponents to the canvas where she can implement Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques or devastating ground and pound.

We’ve seen many of Leslie Smith’s fights go the distance so she may look to draw Cyborg into the later rounds to see how much gas she has in the tank. Both women are aggressive so expect to see fireworks on Saturday night.

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