Internal Martial Arts Series #1

In this series we’ll be sharing different training techniques or ideas to break the mold of what an MMA fighter is or is not. After spending nearly a decade covering MMA intensely, it is my opinion that the internal aspect of martial arts is largely neglected by the MMA media. If it is covered, it’s usually making fun of some Chi master who claims to be able to knock people down or out with or without a touch. There’s charlatans everywhere and the world is full of actors. Still, until you’ve tested and tried certain techniques, watched your breathing, stood still and got silent and actually felt internal energy then you too may doubt that it is either real or that you have access to it. Further still, you may not know what you can do with it or how it can be beneficial not only to your fighting, but to your life and those around you. Here’s a few videos to get you started.

Meet 57-year-old Master Gurjot Singh, a retired Army Ranger, Drill and SERE Instructor who has trained over 30 champions and contenders in boxing, kickboxing and MMA. Master Singh displays the Savage Serenity of Internal Boxing.

“The Vinyasa Yoga…. The Taijibagua Zhang… The Pugilistic Boxing…

The process of practice yields an elegance that is as savage as it is serene. There is an intensity of balance. Without it there can be no effect. With it there is a powerful connection to anything formed by intent.”

Watch as Master Gurjot Singh goes through various Pranayama and Vinyasa Yoga techniques. (Rickson Gracie also used similar techniques lest we forget)

Master Gurjot Singh introduce you to the Minotaur Rigpa in these next videos which gives an introduction to internal boxing and how it applies to standup grappling.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

If this touches a nerve with you check out Master Singh’s Youtube channel, Western Longboxing, and his Temple Underground Magazine to delve deeper into the rabbit hole.

Check back soon for more Internal Martial Arts coverage. You never know what you might learn.

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