Hit or Miss? 5 things Conor McGregor needs to do right now

Nope. Not happening.

With all of the no showing a press conference drama that forced Dana White to take him off the card and the social media belief that a Mayweather vs. McGregor fight could become a reality – it’s crazy for Conor McGregor right now. These are the moments that will shape his future in the UFC and he needs to do five things right now or fail.

Focus on his division

Conor is the 145 pound champion and he hasn’t defended the title once. Instead, as we all saw, he got tapped out by Nate Diaz and lost some of his luster. To top it off, the Diaz rematch set for UFC 200 is off the table because he refused to show up for a pre-fight press conference so there is an interim title bout set to take place. There is no excuse for a healthy champion not to defend his title so Conor should focus on his division and establish himself as a true champion. With his skills he really could break all defense records.

Distance himself from Mayweather talk

Want to disenfranchise fans? Stop acting like you care about their support. McGregor is so focused on money and fame that he is losing his fan base. It’s hard to root for a guy that is doing none of the things you cheered him for in the first place. Instead of defending his title and dominating UFC PPV buys he is instead focusing on a possible boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. that would end badly for the Irishman. MMA is another story…

Heal his relationship with Dana White

Tito Ortiz. That’s all I can think of right now when I hear Conor’s name. So focused on money and fame was Tito that he caused a rift that isn’t fully healed today with Dana White to this day. McGregor needs to get back to business as usual or risk a permanent broken relationship with the man who put him on the map.


Hear me out. Nothing smooths over bad situations like well written apologies. Athletes beat their wives, cheat on them, and even beat up reporters, or fans at bars. Guess what? A well written apology goes a long way with the media and fans in getting forgiveness. Humility is not his strong suit, but who cares. What we do care about is that he feels he made a mistake and robbed us out of an amazing rematch with Diaz.


Keep his coach off social media / Get a PR agent

The kiss of death for a fighter can be a coach that irritates an organization enough where they no longer enjoy dealing with you, making money or not. Conor’s coach stirs the pot on a daily basis by starting false rumors and blasting the UFC to an extent on social media. Conor needs a PR agent to manage what he and his team says on a regular basis. He is a big money draw and a celebrity so keeping up an image is unfortunately a must in today’s society.

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