The psychology of fighting

Why do people fight at a fundamental level? They are unhappy with a situation and want to do something about it. Professional fighters generally like to face problems head on and are even willing to get in a cage to prove their mettle against another trained athlete.

Fighters train because they are not satisfied with where they are so they fight against stagnation. They want to improve so they face the issue head on by training day and night. They change their diets and even what and who they surround themselves with.

If only more fighters would take that same mentality and use it on themselves inwardly. Where does that instinct to fight come from and what is the driving force behind it? Often times it is anger.

Remember the great movie written by Bruce Lee, but he never got to make… Circle of Iron

At the end of that movie, after Cord has searched the world, faced many challenges and demons, he discovers the book of enlightenment and the pages are literally filled with mirrors. All he sees is himself when he flips through the pages reflecting his own image.

By realizing that our worlds are viewed through the filter of our experiences that have shaped us then we turn inward to see what is worth fighting inside. What is worth fighting for inside you when you get still and silent by yourself?

Something is bound to come up. Emotions and thoughts of past experiences are all inside us tucked away to protect us. I mean what would really happen if we just faced all that stuff? That really is the only fight worth fighting and until we get on the journey of facing unresolved conflict within ourselves, and facing that head on, then we will always be trying to fight one thing or the other.

The true master acts without emotion. Defends himself when necessary. There is no anger when he strikes, it is precise and in tune with the moment. His motivations are pure. His heart a diamond. You hold the book of enlightenment in your hands already whenever you’re ready to open the pages. It is the only way.

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