wwe fail

Boring seems to be running rampant in some parts of WWE’s roster. Today we look at the top 5 WWE most boring superstars currently in the company and unfortunately on our TV sets.



White as a ghost is not a gimmick. “The Great White” nickname and names for every single move he does is not helping to bring any excitement at all to this guy. He is slow in the ring, generic on the mic, and cannot seem to find a niche other than that “pale guy”. He currently leads the awful League of Nations, that thankfully might have broken up on the 4/25/16 RAW. If they have him square off against #1 on this list just kill me now.



Apparently, confirmed, Vince McMahon has a solid woody when it comes to Del Rio. Despite numerous attempts at pushing Del Rio to the moon, multiple title reigns, and a “rich guy” gimmick he could not resonate with the fans. He needs another character change to something more interesting than “that Latin guy”. Also…new music please WWE.



This one will spark ire from the IWC. Corbin is big and bland. Corbin’s LIVE promo skills are questionable at best and this guy will never put on an instant classic match. If he does prove me wrong, great, but I would not hold my breath for it to happen. Remove his unidentifiable gimmick and you have a winner. Until then just blah!



Looks? Check. Skills? Checkaroo. Personality? Nope. If they do not do something soon with Crews we are doomed for another pre New Day Big E. Being big and powerful is not a gimmick unless you are named Hercules or something similar.

roman reigns


Was there any doubt? Ever? This guy is the most boring guy since well, ever. His mic skills are just – they just – I mean they are abysmal and make me want to step in front of traffic. His wrestling ability is still NXT level. He wears a bullet proof vest and he’s supposed to be a tough guy. Ever wonder why that is? Some say he has “b**ch tits” hiding under there and that’s why they don’t remove the tired vest from his SHIELD stable days. Either way he still uses the same music, attire, and is still stuck in days past. Until they fix this train wreck he will remain number one.

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