MMA Fight Sports a Popular Way to Bet

MMA fight sports are becoming some of the most watched sporting events around. The UFC, Bellator, World Series of Fighting, Invicta and One Championships are the leading fight sports leagues in the world and they encompass some of the greatest athletes of all time. The sport changed since its beginnings around in the early 1990’s when the UFC was an all out brawler sport with no weight classes. Today, much like boxing, fighters duel according to weight class and in time-limited rounds. Fight nights are now filling the biggest sporting arenas to the maximum and millions of people watch at home to see the action as it happens.

MMA Wagering

MMA is now also covered by the biggest sports books in the world. Names like bet365, Winner Sports, William Hill and many more, all offer punters attractive pre-fight, and in many cases live in-play betting opportunities so they have the opportunity to win lucrative cash. Punters have the option of betting on the outright winner and also over/under the amount of rounds that they think the fight will go. For bigger MMA events, punters have a lot more props betting options that when combined with outright winner bets, they can make for massive cash winnings.

MMA Fighters

MMA fighters are now household names. The biggest fighters in the world like Connor McGregor, Jon Jones, Demetrius Johnson, Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar and others are huge athletes and they make millions of dollars for virtually every fight. It is not just the men, as the women’s side of the MMA is just as good and the women that fight are even more beloved than the men in many cases. Take for example Rhonda Rousey. She was unbeaten until she had her jaw broken by Holly Holm in an upset a few months ago. Since then, Rousey has appeared in movies like “Entourage” and she has multi-million dollar sponsorship deals with Reebok, Monster headphones, Buffalo David Bitton and Carl’s Jr. This is the case with many of the fighters, whom bank millions of dollars in annual fight payouts and endorsement deals.

Connor McGregor Retired?

One of the craziest examples of just how much money fighters want/deserve to be making is the recent story of Connor McGregor’s rematch deal against Nate Diaz, whom gave the Irish fighter his first loss in a huge upset in March 2016. Apparently, McGregor said that the only way he would agree to fight Diaz again would be if he received an amazing $10 million for his troubles. UFC President Dana White did not agree to the terms (as of yet) and because of this, McGregor announced that he was set to retire.

Punters Love Fight Sports

It is no secret that punters have long loved betting on fight sports. Boxing matches have broken records for online gambling and MMA is now taking over that title too, something reported by major online gambling portal It’s the action, the blood, sweat and tears that draws punters to bet on MMA. There are fights, both professional and amateur almost every week with millions of punters from around the world eager to see who will tap, who will be knocked-out, and which fighter will reign supreme.

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