Horse Racing- How to Bet on

horse race

Horse betting in sports betting is much admired sport among the bettors throughout the world. If you are a learner and novice to horse betting, then we will going to help you out by explaining how horse racing betting works, a few free horse racing tips and strategies to give you an insight into the game on how one can make money by betting on horse races.

To start, you need to know that you can place variety of several types of bets on each horse race. If you are a beginner horse racing bettor then most common types of bets one should go for are the win, place and show bets. Let us explain bets one by one, the simplest one is a win bet plainly means selecting the horse according to you will win the horse race. The second one that is a place bet is a bet on a horse that will either come first or second in the race, and the a show bet implies betting on a horse to conclude in the top three. Evidently, the payout of win bet will be more than the place bet, and payout of place bet will be higher than the show bet.

Exotic horse racing betting is another very common type of betting that is betting on the sequence in which the horses finish the race. Exotic horse betting is categorized into four main types of bets, they are quinella, exacta, trifecta and superfacta.They are explained below-

Quinella – selecting two horses which will finish first and second and the order of finish doesn’t matter.

Exacta- selecting two horses which will finish first and second but they should be in order.

Trifecta- picking the horses which will finish in top three in order.

Superfecta-picking up of the horses which will finish the first four spots in order, this is the hardest bet to win and it involves payouts, often being very, very enormous.

There are also various types of horse racing bets which are uncommon among the casual horse race bettors like daily double, pick3, win4 and pick6 bets. These all bets are quite simple to learn. As the name it implies daily double means picking the winner of two races in a row.Pick3 involves picking of the winner of three races in a row.Win4 betting is selecting the winner in four horse races in a row. And lastly pick 6 betting is picking the winning horse in six consecutive horse races. And, if you can hit this one the amount you win is beyond your imagination.  Wheel betting is more popular among practiced and skilled horse racing bettors.

Online Horse Racing Betting

There are a variety of different online sports books available nowadays where you can have access to daily horse races which allow you to bet on from popular horse racing tracks. The most amazing thing for horse racing betting fans online is that one can bet at anytime of the day, whatever tracks you want to bet on, and at your own comfort and ease.

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