RUMOR: Vince in denial about Reigns hate, no plans for heel turn


When you live in Kentucky, you have access to a lot of wrestlers.   These are guys who have been in the business for a while and know people who know people.  Take all of this as rumors and only rumors.

According to them Vince McMahon is in serious denial about the crowd not liking Roman Reigns.

This is possibly career suicide for Roman. When the rock was getting booed they turned him into a very solid bad guy. Like I said before, he ended up being one of the biggest stars ever because the fans accepted him when they were ready to.

They did note that there was a feeling that some of the team were pushing for the heel turn for Roman, but wanted to give a few more shows to see if the boos died down.

Another concern internally is that WWE will book Roman just like they did John Cena ensuring that the company will not have a true good guy as a champion.   They have heard talk of discussing him as “polarizing” just like John. There is frustration that Vince will not give in and do the right thing for business.  He still believes that Roman has to be the face of the company no matter what.

Without a solid good guy who fans want to cheer they will continue to struggle.

Many believe that this is why ratings and attendance have been down.  They also believe that the interest in the product is down because Vince refuses to give the fans what they want and is very vindictive against internet wrestling fans.

At the last SmackDown taping’s, they had Roman run in and save AJ Styles lending itself more to the idea that McMahon will never give in to what the fans want. Roman as a bad guy.

Apparently, despite AJ being incredibly popular Vince has toyed with the idea of making him the bad guy instead of allowing Roman to transition easily into that role where he can hone his skills.

Until Roman is a bad guy I will no longer watch their programming and that’s a promise. A lot of us are getting tired of things being shoved down our throats despite what we are begging for from the company.

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