Demetrious Johnson


The MMA Hour interviewed UFC flyweight champion Demtrious Johnson recently. On the show he discussed Conor McGregor’s seven figure payouts. Note to DJ, he is a PPV draw whereas you are not my friend. Johnson’s bout at UFC 174 drew justĀ 95,000 to 115,000 buys, the lowest since way back at UFC 53. Conor’s bouts pull in as much as 1.5 million buys.

Still, Johnson thinks he deserves the same amount as the charismatic Irishman.

First off, shout out to Conor McGregor for being the first fighter in UFC to earn seven figures payout. Yes, I do pay attention to that. I honestly do believe I should be closer just for the skill set I bring into the Octagon. Obviously everybody can look back at UFC 191 and see, that’s one of my goals is to inch closer to bigger paydays. Shout out to Nate Diaz, both of those guys for setting the pedestal for us guys to get paid more. We go out there and work our assess off, and the UFC works its ass off to promote the fight and to try to sell tickets. I think that it’s great those guys are getting paid more, but I would obviously like to see Demetrious Johnson’s 197 payout at $500K, baby. Absolutely.

UFC pay has been better as of late, but still nothing compared to boxing and it may never get there.

What do you think? Does Johnson deserve to be paid more or is he getting gifted too much as it is? What are your predictions for the next PPV numbers for DJ?

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