Stockton Slap: Nate Diaz on beating Conor McGregor, being a vegan and his beef with Jerry Rice

Spend the next 18-minutes and 47-seconds listening to Nate Diaz talk about his epic stoppage of Conor McGregor, why he hasn’t eaten meat and has lived a vegan lifestyle since he was 18-years-old, and why he may no longer be a Jerry Rice fan. You will also get to hear tales on the origin of the Stockton Slap, which is better nunchucks or throwing stars, how he dealt with nerves prior to the McGregor fight and more.

Nate’s been making the media rounds this week and joined Fox’s At the Buzzer for this lengthy chat.

While nothing is official, we might just hear a rematch announcement soon for NateĀ and Conor at UFC 200.


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