ufn 84Happy Monday MMA fans. The weird middle of the day Fight Pass show on Saturday threw me off a bit as I already had plans to do some skateboarding but I made it home in time to watch the main event and nearly lose my mind.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the fight and can’t say I was really looking forward to it or expecting much until I saw the former middleweight champion lined up against “The Count” in his home country inside the Octagon.

Playing mostly a defensive counter-striking game in the first couple of rounds probably cost Anderson the fight on the judges’ scorecards but a lot of it was quite beautiful to watch. The trap hands defense Anderson was using looked impressive when it worked. And he was showing some new techniques with his striking which proves after all these years the martial artist that is Anderson Silva is still evolving and that is what it’s all about.

Anderson standing with his back to the cage, hands down, inviting Bisping into his Spider’s web was so typically Anderson. Even after having his shin snapped in half. Even after suffering his title loss via knockout to Chris Weidman, The Spider still showed he can make great fighters look silly at times.

And he can still take a shot. And so can Bisping for that matter.

I felt like Anderson deserved to win the fight and was quite surprised all three judges scored it the same and gave it to Bisping. Anderson called foul afterward and spoke about corruption. Who knows, but how often do we see judges all score a fight the same, especially a fight with so many controversial moments?

It was odd. But isn’t there usually some type of controversy when Anderson Silva fights? Think about it.

It felt to me like Anderson was gaining momentum the last couple rounds and was on the verge of putting Bisping away, but he let off the gas. The whole fight was nearing epic status until the final couple minutes of the last round when both guys chose to play it safe. Still, a great fight.

Check out the fighters’ post-fight interviews and the great sign of respect they show toward one another after spending 25-minutes trying to take each other’s head off.

Now buckle up as we head into this weekend’s UFC 196 card with McGregor vs. Diaz and Holm vs. Tate.

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