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Nick Diaz is at it again and this time he seems a little bitter that Michael Bisping could do what he could not in beating Anderson Silva. Nick’s comments were claims that Bisping was knocked out at the bell in the third round and was later gifted the fight because he was in familiar territory aka London. Well, the Brit didn’t take long to respond to Stockton 209 on Twitter.

Hey @nickdiaz209 see your talking shit. Don’t be bitter cos I beat somebody you couldn’t. Thought you were cooler than that. Obviously wrong. I’d of thought @nickdiaz209 would be more concerned about the beating his bro is gonna get next week, rather than looking for his own. For the record I like @nickdiaz209 I’ve always been a fan. But if wants to throw down I’m in.

Rather then calling for a title shot, Bisping essentially just challenged Nick Diaz to get it on. What do you think? Would you like to see that fight?

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