anderson bispingYou know the old handshake trick where you stick your hand out for a friend to shake it or slap it and you take it away at the last second. We all did it as kids, but Michael Bisping just pulled it on one of the greatest fighters of all time Anderson “The Spider” Silva at the weigh-ins in London. Bisping can be seen extending his hand during the faceoff, Anderson thinks about it a moment then goes to shake¬†his¬†hand but The Count pulls it away, words are exchanged and the two have to be held back from one another. All from a little handshake trick. Is this mind games from Bisping? The Spider thought about it first like, “Hmmm… why’s he wanna shake my hand when he’s been talkin so much shit?” But he didn’t trust his instinct and went for the shake only to be denied. Dammit. Is this a preview of what’s to come in their fight?

These two middleweight veterans will square off in the UFC Fight Night 84 main event Saturday, Feb. 27 only available streaming online via UFC Fight Pass.

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