Shane McMahon’s RAW return sparks brand split fears


He’s back! Here comes the moneeeey! Shane McMahon returned to RAW and it was glorious and most importantly – welcome.

WWE has finally recognized that the company is in trouble. It’s stocks are falling, booking is awful, and leadership is failing big time. The roster has turned in to a giant cartoon show with overly branded and non-organic characters that just aren’t making the crowd interested anymore.

As much as they don’t like it, the kids who worshiped John Cena are getting older and the preschool marketing is starting to collapse around John’s Barney the dinosaur colored outfits. Fans are smarter and have access to information of the inner workings of the struggling company. Plus, we as consumers know when we are having products like Roman Reigns shoved down our throats. Just reference how HHH was cheered when he left Reigns bloodied as RAW went off the air. The point is that they had to acknowledge it somehow and they nailed it with Shane’s return.

The biggest fear among all of the goodness of his return is that the awful brand split idea is coming back, and maybe even the atrocious “draft”. If nothing else the brand split will be remembered as the time when WWE decided to truly lose its mind instead of making smart business decisions, and in splitting the roster they actually used marketing terms. It was cringe worthy.

The B-list players had a meaningless Smackdown belt and the RAW wrestlers were the only reason to tune in to watch WWE programming. To have another meaningless belt in the mix, or belts I should say with the United States title being equivalent to the intercontinental championship is a very misguided direction to go. It just didn’t work on so many levels despite WWE’s spin. No one wants that to return let alone a copy of the horribly booked “Invasion” angle after WWE purchased WCW. If they bring that back they are going to see a large portion of fans stop watching, trust us.

What we hope will happen is that Undertaker will refuse to wrestle Shane and request a new opponent not named Braun Stroman. Taker’s last match should have been against Daniel Bryan if you ask us, but our money is now on John Cena to pin the Undertaker and send him off with a tidy loss and a wave to the fans who would accept the polarizing face of the company ending the dead man’s career. Maybe we will get a Stone Cold return? Probably not, but hey we can dream right?

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