How to Choose the Right Mixed Martial Arts Training Camp

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By Klara Kristi –

Nowadays, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has easily become one of the world’s most talked about Martial Arts. Along with the growing popularity of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), MMA has been steadily becoming the “next big thing” in Hollywood. Similarly to boxing in the 70s, film makers began making movies about MMA, and so we are introduced to our new heroes.

Even if you don’t intend to fight professionally, MMA training is one of the best workouts you can do. MMA Fighters are well renowned for their functional fitness workouts focusing on core strength, cardio, agility, and explosiveness. Whether you are joining the hype in making Conor McGregor your new fitness goal, or just intrigued to try out a new thing, this is the first important decision you have to make, — choosing the right training camp.

When it comes to Mixed Martial Arts, choosing the right training camp can be a lot like choosing a life partner, — it’s not about how perfect they are, it’s more about how they are perfect for you.To make this possible, we have Klara from share some of her top tips in choosing the right training camps for you.

Do your research

When you’re buying a new car, you wouldn’t just go to the lot and choose whatever available, — the same with choosing your MMA Training Camps. We live in an internet era, where information is conveniently obtained. So, go online and get some research going! Look through the reviews, facilities, pricing information, length of training, — anything to ensure you a maximum training experience. Consider some of these questions: Are these people willing to answer questions? Does it look reputable? And don’t forget to verify the MMA credentials of the instructors.

Make a list

While you’re doing your online ‘stalking’, it helps to generate a list of Pros & Cons. Once you have finished, you can start comparing them and narrowing the options down according to your preferences: distance, price, facilities, reviews, etc. Also, some destinations may not have camps which are exclusively dedicated to MMA training, but offer MMA programs. Many Kickboxing and BJJ schools also offer MMA programs.If you are interested in training to become a fighter, you might want to consider if the trainers’ experience fits your needs. The same when you are a beginner, do double-check to make sure that you will not end up getting battered on your first lesson.

Call, or send an inquiry

Now that you’ve got your list, there is no better way to determine if a camp is right for you than to give them a phone call or simply send an email. Call the MMA training organizers you are interested in to check out their programs, and if they offer an introductory class or simply to ask for advices. This way, you can be more informed and prepared on what you should bring or expect.

Compare, compare, compare

When it comes to price, spending a lot of money doesn’t always guarantee quality training. However, a safe rule to follow is if you buy cheap, you get cheap. Examine the facilities inside the camp: the mats they are using, whether they provide weights and fitness facility, up to their accommodation. If you are thinking of training overseas, make sure that you meet all the travel requirements: visa, documents, flights, itineraries, immunizations. It is also worth checking if there are actually pro fighters who train in the camp regularly. If you want to be a professional MMA fighter, you need to join a camp that already has produced professionals. The trick is to compare as many places on the list as possible, you can always come back after all!

Recheck everything before making a booking

We can’t insist enough for you to carefully read the reviews and recheck all information you’ve gathered, — you can even reach out to the previous participants (normally via e-mail) before making your final booking. The last thing you want is to become a victim of a scam. If it helps, it’s always safer to make a booking via a credible website. Finding and joining the perfect training camp can be just the leap of faith you need to become the mixed martial artist you’ve always wanted to be. Hopefully, these tips will help you pick the right training camp you need to begin your journey to become the next world class hero. Good luck!

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