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Even if there are many popular games out there, slot machines are perhaps the most versatile of them all. They can have any theme you can imagine – from buildings and furniture to shoes, beach volleyball or even sports. Some of the most popular slot machines out there are those inspired by movies and TV shows. But… wait, did I say “sports”? I guess I did. Which reminds me – I was supposed to write about sports-inspired slots. And that’s exactly what I will do below. So, without further ado, let me present you with the three best slot machines for sports freaks. Like myself.

For the MMA fan: King of the Cage by Next Gaming

It is surprising for such a versatile game like slot machines to have a single notable MMA-inspired title: King of the Cage by Next Gaming. Launched this June, the game has been placed in land-based gaming venues in the US. It is the first, but – if it will prove to be attractive and successful – it won’t be the last. Especially if online gaming will become legal in the US.

For the sports fan in general: the Sports Star series

The first game in the Sports Star series was launched at Euro Palace years ago. Called Break Away, the game was meant as a tribute to hockey, one of the most popular sports in North America (and with a huge fan base around the world). Last year, when Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup, the first (official) game in the series hit Euro Palace: Football Star, inspired by soccer. Its game mechanic was the same with the previous title. Sports slots fans at Euro Palace were this year delighted to find even more games in the series in their library: Cricket Star (to honor England’s national sport – the other one), Rugby Star and Basketball Star. There are quite a few sports left – but the list is already impressive.

Euro Palace offers real money online gaming services to its players. Those seeking for entertainment can also try their games free of charge.

For the soccer junkie: Shoot!

England is the country where soccer originated years ago, and it also has one of the strongest and largest fan bases in Europe. During the years, numerous magazines were released to honor the game – Shoot! was perhaps the longest running one of them. And this slot machine was built to pay tribute to it. Shoot! is a nice game, with its looks resembling the magazine. Its reels bear the pictures of football legends like Maradona, Pele, Beckenbauer and others. It’s a perfect game for the soccer freak in you.

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