edmond tarverdyan_youtubeMMA fans thought Ronda Rousey got exposed when she went up against former boxing champion Holly Holm at UFC 193. Holm battered the Olympian in round one and finished her off in round two with that head kick knockout heard round the world. Now Ronda’s head coach Edmond Tarverdyan is speaking out about what went wrong. We’ve seen Ronda take punches before, but what was different about Holm?

“Holly caught her with a good shot,” coach Tarverdyan explained to ESPN. “Holly is a precise puncher with her boxing background and Ronda walked into it, so it wasn’t more about Holly being such a big puncher but Ronda walked into the shot. There was one where she switched it up into an elbow and caught Ronda, so the way you learn is with experience and stuff like this sometimes happens and you learn from that, you grow from that. You just have to feel it on your own skin, on your own body, so you can really understand how to deal with it. It’s not only about trainers in the gym and advice being given or sparring, cause when those Octagon doors close it’s totally different.”


Ronda’s Coach also talked about when the former champ might return to fighting and why she needs some time off.


3 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey coach Edmond Tarverdyan explains what went wrong against Holly Holm”
  1. I’m not sure what medication this dude is on but Ronda was totally unprepared and woefully under skilled to handle the onslaught from Holm. Rowdey took heavy duty kicks and combinations of punches from angles she never knew existed and at speeds she had never confronted! It’s all pretty obvious including the conclusion and I don’t know anything about boxing or MMA!!!

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