Joe Rogan Experience podcast – 2015 Year in Review *VIDEO*

joe-rogan-exThe Joe Rogan Experience podcast had some classic episodes over the last year with some very strange, funny, intelligent, odd, saintly, tough and whacked out guests from various nooks and corners of today’s society. All your favorite regulars are here like Joey Diaz, Eddie BravoDuncan Trussell, Callen-and-Schaub (that’s one word now), Ari Shaffir, Brian Redban, Tom Segura and more. Relive the tales of Justin Wren’s life-saving mission in the Congo, Ari’s herpes scare, Ronda Rousey’s classic “Do Nothing Bitch” moment, Wim Hof teaching Joe his breathing method, Bert Kreischer’s theory on terrorism, Lance Armstrong’s tales of cheating, and so much more.

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