sapp-akebonoIt was freakshow central at the RIZIN weigh-ins in Saitama, Japan on Wednesday as Bob Sapp and Akebono Taro┬áput on a little pre-fight scuffle show for the Japanese fans. The two first fought in K-1 back in 2003 and Sapp knocked Akebono out. Since then, both guys have had what can only be described as less than stellar success. In fact, you’ve probably successfully beat up more people since 2003 than both of these guys combined. Sapp is so jacked and whacked he only speaks in riddles now and Akebono is looking his age at 46. But it’s a bit of fun is it not? Notice the ring girls aren’t taking these guys serious and neither should you.

One thought on “Watch Bob Sapp and Akebono scuffle at RIZIN weigh ins”
  1. Well pro wrestling is popular in a lot of circles. This will get a similar fan base. Just going to see some large men in bikinis pretend like they hate each other. I never could get into it. Rather watch high school wrestling or mma or boxing or kickboxing or sumo for that matter.

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