nate diazIs there any doubt in your mind that a main event between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz would be one of the most entertaining spectacles in UFC and MMA history? Not only the fight, but all the smack talk and antics that most certainly would go on leading up to the fight.

But if that fight happens, Nate Diaz should be fairly compensated. What would be fair?

Here’s what would NOT be fair, what he made for fighting Michael Johnson.

On Monday’s episode of the JRE podcast, Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub discussed Nate Diaz’s paltry $20,000-to-show and $20,000-to-win payout for his decision over Michael Johnson at UFC on Fox 17 over the weekend.

Not only has Diaz been fighting in the UFC almost a decade, he is without a doubt one of the most popular fighters on their roster.

So what gives?

Schaub blamed the low disclosed payout on “bad management” and not the UFC and argued Nate should be getting at least $120,000 to show and $120,000 to win.

“[Nate] Diaz wants this fight [with Conor McGregor] cause he’s getting paid 20 [thousand] and 20 [thousand],” Schaub said.

“Is that real, are we sure,” Rogan asked.

“It’s real. I’m positive,” answered Schaub. … “Now he might have undisclosed bonus, but as far as contractually what we know, it’s 20 and 20. Now, I’m not blaming the UFC, hopefully he’s not under the TUF contract. That’s bad management though. That’s horrible management. As big of a star as he is that motherf-cker should be getting at least 120 and 120 a fight.”

“Yeah, I agree,” Rogan stated. “And more than that probably. Nate Diaz is a giant star. Let me tell you this, when he went out into that arena, they went f-cking crazy. That crowd went f-cking crazy. When Nate Diaz is like raising his arms after every round, they went f-cking crazy.”

“Who are we talking about,” asked Schaub. “Think about all the guys on the [UFC on Fox 17] card and who’s the number one most-clicked guy right now. It’s f-cking Diaz.”

“His performance, first of all, was outstanding against Michael Johnson who is an up-and-coming lightweight who’s been really on a tear,” Rogan added. “Michael Johnson has looked fantastic.”

We know that whoever McGregor fights, the Irishman will be making millions. But just how much should a popular veteran like Nate Diaz be making? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Keep in mind Nik Lentz made $70,000 and Nate Marquardt made nearly a $100,000 on last weekend’s card.

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